Between Investment and Party

Millennials and Generation Z are now widely labeled as creative, risk-taking, and productive generations. But on the other hand, they also run a consumptive culture, this is a result of the development of digital culture and internet technology.

For some young people who are already earning and living in Jakarta, the words party, hangout, chill must be familiar. Just to unwind after work by visiting a cafe or club with friends, now for some millennials or generation Z this has become a routine lifestyle. Another factor that makes young people more consumptive is from their office or community environment, because they spend more time in one day in that environment.

For young people, investment activities are currently not considered fundamental, this is evident from the IDX survey data in 2021, only 7.48 million investors from the millennial generation and generation Z, this number is very unequal from the results of the population census in 2020, namely, The number of millennials is 69.9 million and Generation Z is 75.49 million.

Investments made early on are very useful to protect the value of assets from inflation which causes a decrease in the purchasing power of our money. One of the investments that can be made by young people who are productive and have a lot of time is by investing in mutual funds.

Mutual fund products that are suitable for productive and active young people are fixed income mutual funds or stock-based mutual funds, because they are still in a very productive age range for work. However, in choosing a mutual fund product, the thing to consider is to first identify the risk profile and the investment period to be chosen. For example, novice customers can purchase MNC Dana Likuid fixed income mutual funds with a performance of 7.21% p.a or MNC Dana Syariah with a performance of 6.94% p.a based on NAV as of 16 June 2022.

As for customers who want to buy MNC AM mutual fund products in the period March 1, 2022-August 31, 2022, they will get cashback. Customers can purchase MNC AM mutual fund products through the website www.motionfunds.id. For further information, please contact the call center (021) 2970 9696 or email at cs.mam@mncgroup.com.