MNC Asset Management Discusses Investment Strategies in the Year of the Fire Rooster

Jakarta, February 7, 2017 MNC Asset Management (MNCAM) held an investor gathering with a Chinese New Year atmosphere at Hotel Royal Kuningan Jakarta, exclusively addressed to about 100 preferred MNCAM customers composed of high net worth individuals and institutions. The event discusses the market outlook in 2017 with the theme "Investment Strategies in the Year of the Fire Rooster". MNCAM also explained the economy's feng shui as part of the Chinese New Year gathering.


The discussion of the market outlook in 2017 was delivered comprehensively by Suwito Haryatno, MNCAM's investment director. The discussion covers an update of global economies and domestic, stock market prospects and obligations, as well as the right strategies to optimize investments. “Despite the great potential in economic recovery in 2017, we have to hold on to the principle of ‘carefulness’ related to global risks as well as domestic when making investment decisions in the stock market and obligations,” said Suwito. Industries that are based on domestic consumers and domestic growth constitute the focus of asset allocation this year.


Along with the discussion of the market outlook in 2017 and investment strategies, MNCAM presented Sung Yo, a renowned feng shui expert to explain the economy’s feng shui in the year of the fire rooster. Feng shui can be interpreted as man’s effort to maximize positive energy and minimalize negative energy.


This Chinese New Year event held by MNCAM is hoped to give insight and investment tips comprehensively, coupled with feng shui to give customer’s solutions in optimizing their investments in the year of the fire rooster through MNCAM’s various mutual funds.