The Demographic Bonus and the Potential of the Fund in the 2030

Jakarta - Indonesia is expected to receive demographic bonuses by 2030, which are potentially and potentially boosting economic growth. The demographic bonus is the potential for economic growth created by changes in the population´s age structure, where the proportion of productive age is greater than that of non-productive age.

The productive age is 15-64 years, where in this age range every individual is able to work and have income. There are demographic bonuses that must be exploited as best as possible for the Indonesian economy. One way to boost the Indonesian economy is by raising public awareness of financial management, in managing money is not as easy as we imagine, requires literacy and self-control.

Public awareness in managing finances can be built from an early age so that when earning can regulate finances well. In response to this, there is a need for financial literacy in the public that the parties concerned must broadcast. One of the financial literacy that needs to be applied is to invest and save for the future.

Young investors are predicted to grow rapidly due to the impetus of several factors, one of which is the rapid digital development.

KSEI recorded in 2022 recorded about 9 million investors and this figure has experienced a consistent increase until in October 2023 to 11 million more investors. The potential growth of the reksadana industrial governance fund is also driven by the demographic bonus that Indonesia has.

Economic growth has also been assessed as a driving force for the industrial governance of the national fund. For the prospective investors can start an investment fund with Rs100,000. PT MNC Asset Management is an investment manager who provides money market funds such as MNC Dana Lancar with a return indication of 4.57% net p.a. and MNC Dana Syariah Barokah with a return indication of 4.03% net p.a.