MNC Asset-Indopremier Webinar Collaboration: Optimism at the End of the Year and how Importance of Emergency Funds

Jakarta, 17th November 2020 - MNC Asset Management has success held a free webinar with Indopremier Online Technology (IPOT) on 16 November 2020. In the webinar explained the state of Indonesia´s recession which had been negative for 2 consecutive quarters due to the worldwide economic contraction due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, according to IPOTFund Brand Manager Sandy Afriliando Putra, this condition will experience a bounce back in the fourth quarter of 2020 to the second and third quarters of 2021 if the pandemic conditions can be better controlled.

"If we look at the Indonesian economy in Q2, it was still minus 5.32%, then in Q3 it was slightly better, but it was still minus 3.49%. This condition is reflects that economic conditions and the market will be ready for a bounce back, ”said Sandy.

With such conditions, he added, currently there are still opportunities to invest in instruments with higher risk but providing the most optimal returns, such as fixed income mutual funds or equity fund funds. In addition, Sandy also reminded him to keep filling in the emergency fund post because the pandemic was still not over.

MNC Asset´s Brand Manager Annafrid Nikijuluw also emphasized that emergency funds should not be ruled out considering that this pandemic still exists and even in some European countries are starting to feel the second wave of the spread of this virus. That conditions that are still uncertain, preparing an emergency fund is a wise thing to do.

"Even though the economic situation shows signs of recovery, we remain vigilant that this pandemic is not over and it is very important to keep allocating emergency funds for instruments that are low risk but provide optimal returns such as money market mutual funds MNC Dana Lancar," said Annafrid. .

As is known, MNC Dana Lancar products can be purchased on the IPOTFund platform easily and cheaply starting from IDR 100,000. This investment can be an option to allocate an emergency fund that must be met 6-12 monthly expenses.