want to win "snap cuan 2"? Check out on IG Live tomorrow night

JAKARTA - The Nyapit Cuan 2 event initiated by MNC Financial Services is one of a series of MNC Fest 2021 virtual events in the context of the 32nd Anniversary of MNC Group. The virtual competition with an intelligent format will review finance, economics and the digital brand Motion which is owned by all business units of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP).

Prizes for Android gadgets and electronic balances worth a total of tens of millions of rupiah, of course, it would be a shame if you did not participate in this event because registration is free, aka free of charge. Furthermore, to find out the grid from the quiz event, all MNC Financial Service business units will hold an IG Live to reveal the leaks from the quiz. Tomorrow Thursday 20 October 2021 at 19.00 WIB MNC Asset Management (MNC AM) will hold an Instagram Live with blogger & financial influencer, Dani Rachmat.

Carrying the theme “Cash Strategy With Fixed Income Mutual Funds”, MNC AM represented by Annafrid Nikijuluw as Business Manager and Dani Rachmat will thoroughly discuss all about fixed income mutual funds. "We will discuss in detail about fixed income mutual funds and how to invest in strategies and of course there will be many questions about this mutual fund in this Nyapit Cuan 2 quiz," said Annafrid.

Meanwhile, Dani Rachmat, who will be the speaker, also added that the fixed income mutual fund instrument is one type of investment that is easy and suitable for beginners because of the medium level of risk and return. “Novice investors who have tried money market mutual funds can then upgrade to fixed income mutual funds. Tomorrow night we will discuss the management strategy," said Dani. Don´t miss the IG Live, and for those who haven´t registered at Nyapit Cuan 2, you can register immediately at the link bit.ly/nyapitcuan2 until October 30, 2021.